Kidney Transplant Research Paper

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For pediatric any type of surgery can be a scary process not only for the child, but as well for the family. For kidney transplant, it is preferred of renal replacement therapy that can offer the opportunity for a relatively normal life. Kidney transplant are available from two sources: a living related donor (any family member) or a deceased donor (family that is dead or from a dead patient consents to donate a healthy kidney).

Kidney transplant in pediatric can be hard for parents and the child, especially when it comes to finding the right donor. The closer the genetic to the child, the outcome having a close match is higher. However, for an unrelated donor, immunologic studies have to carry out to determine the donor is least likely to be rejected by the recipient. With that, parents must be aware of the process when it comes to kidney transplants, and that kidney failure does occur due to rejection of a transplant kidney. To maintain a success kidney transplant, parents must be educated about medication and watch for infection because it can leads to transplant failure. Parents
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Parents may have a feeling of guilt if one should prove to be unacceptable as a donor or having a live relative-donated kidney but being rejected by the recipient. As for pediatric, they can response in several of ways to kidney transplant. For a child, to know that there is a foreign body, especially deceased donor kidney, inside their body can be quiet disturbing. They would wonder about the characteristic of the donor such as age, sex, and personality. For them, they may fear that the kidney will wear out once they get older. To help the family and the child to ease out their feeling, nurses must be familiar with the family to asses their strength, weakness, and coping guidance to help them through the

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