Kids In Prison Research Paper

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Over the years kids have rarely been trialed as adults and or been sentenced to life in prison. Today however many kids are being sentenced as adult and getting life in prison and some kids are as young as 12. In the United states it has came to be “normal” for children to be incarcerated for life with no chance of leaving. Kids in prison are not having a normal brain development and are have psychological issues. Many would say the kids all ready had issues since they committed the crime they did to get life. According to documentary, one of the kids tried to kill himself because he couldn't handle prison. Also, The kids only see a fence outside the window, all they think about is that they are being prisoners and not humans. This matters because if we don't take steps to help the kids they will eventually start going insane. Kids are having trouble developing mentally and it is affecting them. …show more content…

Some would say that kid did the crime he has to do the time, he made the mistake. As seen in the documentary, the kids in jail are not given a second chance, Most of the kids were going to be in jail until they die. Also, the children are not really given any rehabilitation programs to try to help them change. This affects the children and something should be done to give then another chance. Although, they are put in housing for kids they are still not being given another chance and have no future. Kids should not be sentenced to life in prison because there life is literally being taken away from them. In order to stop this from continuing a system need be put in rehabilitate the kids and change them for the better and give them a chance for life. This is important because these kids are the future and we are limiting the possibilities by sending them to

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