Kids Kill: The Personality Patterns

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Why do kids kill: The Personality Patterns, is an in-depth portrait of the lives of kids who kill and what effects their personality to make them take another human beings life. What can possibly motivate kids to commit such a heinous crime as murder? And why are more and more youth failing to develop secure attachments to loving parents, caregivers, or guardians. Without this vital foundation of a child’s life he or she are left without the foundation for healthy development. Because of the lack of a secure detachment youth are flooding the child warfare system and the juvenile justice system cannot keep up with the amount of cases they now find themselves working. Since the United States is the most violent country in the industrialized
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The author tells why killings by children that are younger and younger have never been higher. The author’s believe that this tragic trend have increased because of several different reasons. They think it is because of the growth of the single parent families, a rise in child abuse, the arrival of crack cocaine, the loss of jobs and the mass number of weapons that are on the streets. The author suggests that child killers are equated with children of a war torn countries such as post-traumatic stress, emotional numbness, rage, anxiety, and depression. He also provides information that suggests that a number of studies in the past few years have proven that very few children that commit murders are psychotic. They are just people that have grown up in a world that is saturated with violence, stress and no hope for a future. Stone killers start their lives out when they should be establishing an attachment to their parents and learning to trust they are in a world of violence that interrupts the usual growth of empathetic feelings. This study is peer viewed and supplies adequate information on children and different personality traits. This article, through research and perspectives is here to inform readers about the circumstances that creates a child killer, and the reason’s they kill. Through research and…show more content…
Through his research he has determined that brain features that reduce fear, reactions to distress, and blunt emotional reactions. Raine believes that he may soon be able to tell if a person’s offspring is likely to grow up to be a psychopathic killer. Raine and other researchers examine the brain of unborn children. Raine does not want to mark children as potential killers but he believes that it can be a helpful tool to prevent a child killer. Raine describes a child that started to commit crimes at an early age and was convicted at the age of 17 as an arsonist. After being released from prison he moved back in with his mother. He got into an argument with his mother and choked her with a phone cord and crushed her head with a propane canister and afterwards he went out for drinks. Raines argument is that if you were able to tell if your child could be a killer wouldn’t a parent like to know? Raine, is now the chair of the criminology department at the University of Pennsylvania. This article is peer viewed and have adequate information relating to the reason kids
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