Kids Path Case Study

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Kids Path provides specialized care from infancy through eighteen years of age. Being one of the few organizations in the U.S that provide hospice services to children they currently have over 50 patients. While the Kids Path building is not a place for the kids to live such as the Beacon Place, they do provide many activities within the building to provide help and support to children and their families. The goal of Kids Path is to allow children to live a life of normalcy. They can provide hospice services to children within their home, just as they do with adults and receive all the same services with the multidisciplinary team. This program also provides age appropriate counseling to the patient and the family as needed throughout the disease…show more content…
These services are provided to adults who have family or friends that are receiving services from HPCG as well as those in the community that may need assistance with handling events in their life from circumstances outside of hospice care. All the counseling services provided by HPCG are at no cost, and they offer individual and group counseling as well as workshops. HPCG can provide such a wide array of counseling services to families and those in the community for free because they are a nonprofit and receive funding from United Way as well as donations from the community. For profit hospices in the area are not able to provide such a large amount of counseling due to extensive…show more content…
The option of benefits is becoming higher on the list for aspects to consider for a career choice. HPCG does provide great benefits to those who are hired and work over 30 hours a week. Their benefits include Insurance, health and wellness, financial, and work/ life balance. The overview for each of their benefits can be found on their website along with the application for employment. Also, being able to enjoy your job makes for an easier life. If you think about it the average person will spend over half their lifetime working, if you can spend that time doing something that you love, you will ultimately be a happier person. Personal fulfillment is the number one aspect of employee satisfaction. Personal fulfillment means different things to different people. Some people are motivated by money, while others are motivated by respect or the different options of benefits. It all just depends on what aspects make you happy with your career. Another aspect to look at is the size of the company. Some people like to grow within a company faster than others. You would need to take in account the full layout of the company. A smaller organization might not have as many opportunities as a larger organization. A larger organization might not have enough personnel in management to establish a working relationship with their employees. The relationships may be difficult to maintain

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