Kids Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

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Kids think because they’re not adults they can get away with murders but that is not the case. Many kids try and solve their problems with violence and end up making federal crimes. The law was created equally towards everyone and giving people who commit serious crimes a break would leave the streets dangerous. Kids feel that when something doesn’t go their way they want to kill the person or hurt them. Everything has a consequence and juveniles should be tried as adults. In the documentary “PBS Frontline: Juvenile Justice” a kid named shawn who is 17 years old stabbed his dad on christmas night repeatedly on the arms and head, then he tried to slight his own throat. He would use a lot of drugs, forced his roommate to do oral sex, and has…show more content…
He got a life sentence which he deserved because he killed a defenseless toddler maybe for jealousy but whatever the case may be, it 's kids like this who are old enough to know what they’re doing but still do it. I don’t believe it when people say that the kids brain is not fully developed, although it is true but it 's developed enough to know from right and wrong and if a 13 year old kid doesn’t know right or wrong then they need help. In the story “On Punishment and Teen Killers” by Jennifer Jenkins explains that “a teenager murdered her and her husband...she was pregnant with their first child. She begged for the life of her unborn child as he shot her. He reported to a friend, who testified at his trial about his ‘thrill kill’ that he just wanted that he just wanted to ‘see what it feels like to shoot someone.” he is serving life sentence now but how can a child be justified for something like that. He had also showed traits of a psychopath and sociopath which he didn’t show any remorse when he killed the pregnant women. He was also selling meth at his young age and arm
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