Kids Should Have Dress Codes Essay

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Do you think dress codes should be in affect, well i dont i think that kids should be able to express theirselves. I think that kids parents should not have to pay for the outfit. And i think that kids just shouldnt have to where the outfits.

Kids should be able to not have to where uniforms cause. They should be able to express their selves. cause some people only know how to express their self with their clothes. Some people have a hard time and depression when they cant cause they just have to hold it all in. And they are just shy thats not rite to do to somebody.Cause people are out there that have thoes problems and the people that decide the dreess code dont care.

How muchdo you think a outfit from a dress code costs? i was reading that one costs about one to two hundred for one outfit alot of people cant afford that. I think that if the school is going to have a dress code then the school neds to pay for at least five outfits. And how are parents going to buy a hundred dollar outfit and strugling to buy grocries. Its just bad when the school is going to do it when the parents cant pay for it or there kid gets kicked out of school cause they dont where an outfit.
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Cause of my top two resons and cause no kids want to come to school every day fancy dressed lookiing like they are going to a funaral i dont think anybody would like to do that at school its easyer if u are comfortable an deasy to eork without being bothered.

That wa smy essay i hope i changed your mind on what you think about dress codes. For my first reason i told you tha tkidds should be able to express there selves and be able to where there cloths and not a specal out fit. In my second paragraph i talked about how much a outfit costs and that parents could not afford it. For my thirdd reson i just dont think that there just should not be a dress codes in schools and that school is easyer when you are
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