Kids Should Not Be Year Round School Essay

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School should not be year round. Kids need a break from learning stuff in school. If we don’t have school year round families and kids could do more fun things because kids wouldn’t be stuck in school for seven hours of their day five days a week. Kids need a break from all the school work because we get too much work. Although school year round could be good for some kids.
Kids need a break from learning and from school. If we got a long break from school high schoolers could get jobs and actually work more hours than they would if they had to wait until they were out of school. If they had to wait until they were out of school they would only be working for a few hours. Then if we didn’t have school they could work more hours and make more money. We spend way too much time learning stuff when we aren't ever going to use half of it again. Half the stuff they teach us I don’t think we are ever going to use again when we
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They would need to spend more money because they would have to buy more books for the students to use or read. The school would have to buy more lunches than they already have to buy because they would be making us be in school all year long. If we had school all year the school would have to pay double the bills because they would be using more water, electricity, heat, and etc.
But on the other hand, school year round could be helpful to some students. It could help the kids who struggle in school to get more help with what they don’t understand. Some families don’t go on vacations so for those kids who don’t go on vacations they wouldn’t complain that they are bored and have nothing to do because they would be at school.
Most students would not want school to be year round and I agree with that. School year round is way too much for us kids. I think we should be able to have time off when it is warm to do fun things. So they should not make students have year round
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