Kids Will Be Kids Analysis

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The saying goes, “Kids will be kids”. They have almost no control over the things they do. They are lookers, watchers, thinkers, students of the world. They are so small and innocent they take in the most life information when they are young. They learn the consequences of the their actions, the joy of giving, and the pride in doing. To learn these things young helps with the process of growing and makes the transition to adulthood. When parents give their children money just because, it's not teaching those kids valuable life lessons. Children learn by doing. If a child is handed money for doing nothing, he is not learning correctly. If you give a dog a treat for just barking all the time, he's gonna bark all the time to get that treat. So if a child does nothing and still gets rewarded, that's what they are gonna do. Consequently, as the child grows up they live with the same mindset. You know…show more content…
You have raised a child that had an easy ride. They’ve probably never had a job and they stay with you because that's easier. They are dependent on you and don't know how to become independent. So as you can see there’s a psychological money concept. It's the way your brain processes how you make money and what you need to get money. If you grow up in a rich environment, you become comfortable and money is no worry to you. If your financial state were to suddenly change, you probably wouldn't recognize where you were anymore. You wouldn't understand the money concept because money just flowed to you. If you are poor and grow up in a poor environment, you know you have to do what it takes to live. You work as hard as you can, and find money any means necessary. However, this is not the case for all children. You have those kids who, from birth, insist on doing things themselves. They are born with ambition. If you gave them chores they would do it. If you gave them money they would see how important it is and perhaps get an early
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