Henry Mintzberg Four Management Functions

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According to Henry Mintzberg, the associate professor of management at the MC Gill University, believes that people view the manager of any organization as “the leader of an orchestra and as a person who can control various parts of his organization with the great ease and precision of Seiji Ozawa” (Mintzberg 49). It is believed according to Henri Fayol’s theory that the managerial job is divided into four functions: (planning, organizing, controlling and leading). In this paper, we will try to explain the four functions of management with main focus on Organizing and Planning which we viewed as the most challenging functions. Explaining these functions will be integrated with their application in real life by interviewing a manager…show more content…
Managers and employees believe that this is the best method to follow. Objectives are placed by every team along with their managers . If the objectives were met, the team receives a bonus in their salary. Managers believe that the employees are their colleagues and that is what they call them in any department. This reflects how employees are appreciated and involved in decision making. They view employees according to what the marketing manager explained as are the executers whom are on daily contact with all the little details and obstacles. As a result, Kidzania believes that employees involvement a must to plan right according to the capabilities of each department. For the marketing manager, he allows his employees to work in their individual plan in their own as he believes that this gives them space to be committed and creative. But at the end, he need to push them to do more and they all need to abide by the departmental and company strategies and goals.
Xavier the founder came to Egypt to attend the anniversary of KidZania and held a meeting with all KidZania’s staff. He talked about KidZania’s vision and success and how they are planning to reach it. This was really motivating and allows effective communication between all members of the company. The two main new changes the company aims to do are having appraisals every month to know where everyone
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Their environment is very dynamic and they always need to resolve the daily conflicts smoothly so the business is not affected and productivity is maximized. In addition, the second plan that they are looking to achieve is having a positive feedback from customers. Managers are very aware of the importance of their reputation especially in a culture like Egypt where people are very affected by the word of mouth. KIdZania is a unique business not only in Egypt but all over the world( only 18 branches). However, KIdZania was not that popular when it started first in Egypt,1 year ago. That is why they plan to have a strong Brand Image in Egypt that will definitely enhance their profitability and help in achieving their long term plans as

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