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Each fall, students, teachers, and parents come together for another academic school year, and as we watch our students grow, it quickly becomes clear that each child has their own unique way of learning about the world around them. One student might spend countless hours reading a book quietly in the corner, for example, while another looks for a reason to go outside and explore. One student begs for you to take them on a field trip to the museum again, while another wants to go and touch the museum's most prized possessions to learn more about the exhibit in front of them.
During the early 1980s, educational researcher and psychologist Howard Gardner concluded what many parents suspected: not every child learns the same way. In other words,
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The most physical learning strategy of them all, kinesthetic learners obtain information by movement and motion. In fact, the word kinesthetic refers to a student’s ability to learn through by use of physical activity. So although they’re at a slight disadvantage in the traditional classroom environment, when it comes to things like physical education (PE), and other outdoor activities, the tables are turned. The reason for this is because kinesthetic learners process information when they are given the opportunity to move around in a classroom environment. Their bodies want to know what the movement feels like to use it as a reference point later on. That’s why as a teacher, simulations, guidance, and practice are important for this kind of students – especially in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) education. Why are simulations, guidance, and practice important for kinesthetic learners? One reason, in particular, involves their thinking ability. To put it a different way, using simulations and practices in class increases students critical thinking ability which is the main goal of helping student transition into active learners according to Concordia

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