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For many, the military is a form of an escape. Whether it is financially, mentally, or emotionally, they want an escape from whatever it is they’re dealing with. For Eric Robbins, this was the case. He grew up with poor parents who were both struggling with addictions. He knew he wanted something better for his life, but he also knew there was no way he’d achieve that unless he joined the military. He joined the United States Marine Corps for served for eleven years. When he joined he left behind a child and a wife. Ten years ago, I met the child, Kiley Robbins. The Robbins are my second family. Eric Robbins is much more than a hero, he is one of the most important people in my life and because of his disparate upbringing, it made him the courageous…show more content…
The emotions during the interview with Kiley grew immensely when asked about her father. She became emotional and started to tear up. Kiley’s childhood was different compared to other five-year-old’s. She was not able to go to the park on a causal sunny day with her dad so he could push her on the swings, pretend to sleep in on a Saturday morning as if the sun hadn’t come up yet and the light hadn’t burst through the curtains shinning in their eyes, or even go out for pizza together after a soccer game. There were no simple things they could do together, for his presence was absent.
The first time Kiley realized her father was in the military was when he missed her 6th birthday party. He was on leave in Iraq. Therefore, he couldn’t be there to celebrate with his little girl. To make up for it he sent her a video of himself holding up a cardboard sign he had found lying outside of his tarnished tent that read, “Happy Birthday Kiley Bear! Daddy loves you!” Her heart sank. What was supposed to be a sweet celebration
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Going to fight for our country shows courage, braveness, passion, and generosity. Those are all traits that it wouldn’t hurt to have. He showed love to his child whenever he could and never put her aside. Eric treats everyone with respect and lives each day to the fullest, because you never know which one will be your
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