Kill A Mockingbird Essays: The Importance Of Common Sense

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Common Sense The term “common sense” means someone’s ability to use their senses to come up with a judgment regarding a situation. Common sense is not inborn, but rather it is acquired through practice. It requires training for one to apply their common sense. Decisions reached regarding a situation should be reasonable enough so that any other person can understand the same decision no matter their location or level of education. For this reason, it is regarded as ‘common. ' However, the use of common sense sometimes varies with a person’s upbringing. For instance, an individual who grew up knowing that any lost and found item should be forwarded to the nearest authority to trace the owner will always apply this judgment whenever they find anything regardless of its value. On the other hand,…show more content…
Common sense is also associated with reflexive thinking, which means that human beings learn from experiences. When a situation occurs due to the past activity, there is always a result. Therefore, regarding whether the result was positive or negative, one can make future decisions in line with the previous reflection. It requires common sense for one to note that if, for instance, involving oneself in gambling led to bankruptcy, they should not gamble later in life to avoid being bankrupt. However, when people fail to use their common sense in life situations, they end up making bad decisions, and it becomes difficult to fit in the society. Making of wrong decisions does not make an individual a failure but failing to learn from the wrong decision and repeating the same mistake does. All human beings have the ability to improve their lives no matter where they are now; it is necessary to know where they would want to be later in future. To change something, people should learn to apply common sense in different situations and get to understand the reasons why set plans fail and measures needed to be taken to move up the ladder and avoid getting back to the same

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