Kill The Beast Dbq Analysis

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Most children are scared of things such as monsters under the bed or the dark, but this story does not occur in these places, nor does it occur anywhere close. The “Beast” in the story is much different than monsters or the dark and the “Beast” differs or changes in ways. One thing that the Beast symbolizes is fear. In the text it states “They externalize these fears into the figure of a “Beast”(Doc A). To clarify they turn their fears into a figure of something they all fear or they are all afraid of this thing they call the “Beast”, they think that there is a monster after them or that there is a monster on the island that wants to kill them when in hindsight there is nothing there trying to kill them or eat them but instead it's just their fears turning into something even…show more content…
In the text it states “Kill the Beast, Cut his throat, Spill his Blood”(Doc E). They go on to chant this three times and when the so called “Beast” comes out they savagely killed the “Beast” but in the end it turned out to be their good friend Simon. To explain in further detail they are chanting to kill the “Beast” and in turn they end up savagely biting, kicking, scratching, and violently beating their good friend Simon and yet they didn't take one second to even think about stopping and asking why do we need to kill this thing we call a “Beast” what if it's friendly and wants to help us. According to the Text, the author states in Document F,”...Maybe there is a beast...what I mean is...Maybe it’s only us.” Once again this says directly that maybe the “Beast is just them and their savage nature to kill. In conclusion the “Beast” changes in many ways. What does the “Beast” symbolize, it symbolizes Fear, War, and the Savage Nature of Mankind. The monster they dealt with in Lord of The Flies was not real it was their fears, it was the war going on around them, and their savage nature in which they killed their friend
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