Kill The White Bastard Analysis

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”The New Girl” and “Kill the White Bastard” Summary of “Kill the White Bastard” In this text, the narrator, 1-person, tells about a white male named Mike. Mike was hanging out whit his squad while suddenly, he sees this beautiful black girl. The girl is buying cigarettes, but on her way out, she gets hold back, by a gang, Mike mans up, and tells them to leave her alone, he then offers her a ride home, and after being a little worried, the girl accepts his offer, he gives her this ride home, but at the moment he pulled up to her house, he was surrounded by black guys. He gets beaten by the black guys, after the black girl says “Kill The White Bastard” and that leaves the end open. how racism is portrayed/shown in the two stories The two stories…show more content…
Because in this story we hear how the white man got beaten by some black guys, even though he helped out the black girl, that in the end, demanded the black guys to kill him. I personally think, that it is obvious, that she do not just say “no he was just helping me” She do not want to be the exposed for defending the white boy. So she was afraid to let them know that she had actually been helped out by a white guy, because white people usually was not the ones that they would hang with, in their little…show more content…
how the two girls (the little black girl and Connie) and their families react In “The New Girl” does not the mom even react to the racism, when she was told about it, the poor new girl obviously had a rough day, but the mother’s reaction was not quite how you would imagine, a mom would react, when they were told, that their child had been teased, and ripped on. A hole different angle is seen in “Kill The White Bastard” were the people that might be the black girls brothers, in the end of the story, while The black girl is crying reacts to the crying, by beating up Mike, that in fact only was helping out The black girl, that had been disturbed earlier in the story. The consequences of going or not going against your peers* As we also have discussed a lot, in Global citizenship, apparently there is some rules, that you have to follow in the society, or at least if you do not, it could lead to some bad consequences for you. “Kill The White Bastard” pictures that very

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