Killer Bees Persuasive Essay

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The first thought that comes to mind when someone mentions bees: summertime nuisances and painful bee stings. It is what bees are famous for, but their impact on society is so much bigger than that. Pollination from bees is vital to creating a large number of the foods people eat. Honeybee honey has many healing properties, and a large number of medicines across the globe use it. The use of pesticides and the destruction of their natural habitats are killing bees, despite these being fairly solvable issues. Awareness of this issue has been getting larger, but so has the threat of the bee’s extinction. Many still have no idea how people can help their declining population. Saving the bees is an important and urgent cause because of the nutritional, economical, and medicinal benefits they provide us with and the increasing threat of their demise. Although it is unknown to many, bees are the workers behind the making of a lot of food and money. At bare minimum six hundred fields from around forty crop systems across six continents use wild bees for pollination (“Wild Bee”). The numbers are actually much larger due to the lack of account for the farms that use captive bees. The foods created on these farms are the principal items used every day in most American households: almonds, apples, blueberries, canola, cranberries, coffee, grapefruit, macadamia,…show more content…
“Our bees and wild pollinators are too precious to lose.” says Matthias Wuthrich of Greenpeace International (“Greenpeace has”). Others agree: “Bees may seem like uninvited guests at your picnic, but before you shoo them away from the fruit salad, consider the role they play in bringing food from the field to your fork.” (“Wild Bee”). It is time to rise up and play a role in saving arguably one of the most influential animals of today’s

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