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Killer Pizza Essay

Killer Pizza is by Greg Taylor and takes place in Ohio, where a new pizza place had just opened towards the Suburban Community of Hidden Hills. A fourteen year-old boy starts his summer job at a pizza joint that is actually a front for a monster-hunting organization. Toby is very shy and doesn’t mention very much that he likes to cook and enjoys watching the Food Network. He also struggles to keep a B-average in his classes.
Main Characters
Annabel is another main character in the story and she is a Bona Fide Member at school. She is very nice to everyone and is very serious about school. Her family has a good bit of money, so some people consider her as a rich kid. Strobe is older than Annable and Toby, he is also
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Before the climax the crew starts seeing weird things and tries to fire Doug, because they think he is very lazy. They also get very important news from their boss Steve. The climax begins when Toby, Annabel, and Strobe realize that the pizzeria that they work at is actually a monster hunting organization and one of their members that work there confess that he owns Killer Pizza! When Toby, Annabel, and Strobe have to decide if they want to be MCOs (Monster Combat Officers) is the falling action.
This story is Man vs. Man/creature, because Toby, Annabel, and Strobe have to hunt down or kill monsters. I feel like the story's theme is “Don’t judge a book by it's cover” because Toby thought his summer job would be a regular pizza place, but turned out to be a Monster hunting organization.
Annabel is captured towards the end of the story. Toby, Annabel, and Strobe defeat the Alpha Male Guttata Monster, which made the other Guttatus leave the city, because of their leaders death. The Guttatus left and were never seen again in the city. Toby, Annabel, and Strobe saved the world and went back to the pizza place to celebrate. Harvey was very proud of them and knew he picked a great team to be MCOs (Monster Combat Officers). They studied a Guttata book to help fight and defeat the monster as a team. The Antagonists is the Guttata monster they had to go against. Protagonist are Toby, Strobe, Harvey, and
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