Killian Mcavery: A Fictional Narrative

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It was a cold, stormy night in Eversdale. Killian Mcavery ran up the steps of his cottage where he lived with his parents. He had just won a fight with his old rival, Sam Dillinger. However, Sam had sliced Killian 's face with his sword that blood pored from the cuts on his face. Killian sighed as he knew what his mother would say if she saw him like this. Nonetheless He flung open the cottage door. Killian saw his mother standing in front of him. "Killian", she sighed, "when will you ever learn, to stop fighting". She grabbed a pan of boiling water,towel, and salt, and began cleansing his cuts. Jerking his head back from the sting, he clenched his fist. When the cuts were cleaned, Mrs. Mcavery,fixed her son a cup of tea. "twenty-three and my

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