Pros And Cons Of Killing Abortion Is Worse Than Killing A Fetus

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Killing Abortion Is Worse Than Killing a Fetus A woman walks through a crowd of hatred. People scream and jeer at her as she traipses past their signs, calling her a sinner, a murderer, and a monster. The protestors care little for the living, breathing woman- they only care about her fetus. Abortion is a choice a woman makes when she does not want to continue her pregnancy, so she has her fetus removed. It has become demonized and twisted throughout the years, making the procedure harder and harder to obtain. In essence, this is atrocious, because abortion is not the ugly monster that it has been made out to be. Abortion is a procedure that is essential to have available to all, in order to protect women’s rights and safety. In many situations,…show more content…
Many misguided souls believe that adoption is the better alternative to abortion. In reality, this is not supported by logic and facts. The adoption system is in a negative state, which underpaid workers and kids without future plans. Likewise, a female may get an abortion because pregnancy is too dangerous or giving birth is too expensive- not because she does not wish to raise a child. Another common philosophy is that pregnancy is a consequence of not using contraception during sex. People claim that suffering through a pregnancy, giving birth, and raising the unwanted child is the responsible thing to do if one gets pregnant. However, some would find that the more responsible solution is getting an abortion. Not everyone has access to contraception, or has been educated on how to use it. More work should be done to educate people on and create more access to contraception rather than punishing those who were not taught. “What if the fetus grows up to cure cancer?” is a common question posed by the opposite side of the argument. In the same fashion, what if the fetus grows up to be a serial killer? Clearly, that argument is illogical, as one cannot judge someone based on hypothetical future…show more content…
To add more, abortion can be the most responsible, safe, and logical solution to make when faced with an unwanted pregnancy. By the same token, a living woman should have more rights than an unborn fetus. Banning abortion would have only negative effects on the world, as supported by the disasters in Romania and El Salvador. Ultimately, logic and facts have proven that abortion being legal is crucial in preserving female rights and safety. Thus, the true “pro-life” side is pro-choice, where they fight for women to be able to live being free to
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