Holocaust Killing Centers Research Paper

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Killing Centers; An Undesirable Creation of Death. World War II started when German soldiers entered Poland on September 1, 1939. When Germany invaded Poland, Britain and France took charge on Germany on September 3 (Killing Centers). The Holocaust was a state- sponsored prosecution of millions of Jews led by Adolf Hitler in January 1933. When The Nazi’s took power in 1933 they thought that they were racially superior and Jewish people weren’t (Introduction To The Holocaust). During World War II, Killing Centers were primarily created for the mass murder of undesirable humans throughout Europe. Killing centers were created when The Nazi’s realized they would need a faster way of killing Jews in larger quantities. One of the first killing…show more content…
Gassing operations began in 1939 and was an easy method to mass murder Jews. Gas chambers were rooms in which victims were placed and carbon monoxide was released into the air. Many different gasses were experimented in gas chambers but only carbon monoxide worked how they wanted it. Prisoners were told to take showers, but instead of water being dispersed it was carbon monoxide which filled the victim’s lungs and caused almost an instant death. Another method of killing the Nazi’s used was mobile gas vans. Guards during the Holocaust killed humans in vans by carbon monoxide in the back of sealed spaces in the vehicles, 152,000 people were killed in less than a year using this method. Each van could hold up to 100 Jews and it only took the Nazi’s a couple of blocks before all the victims would die. This method was slightly more painful in the death of victims because it took about 20 minutes until their heart completely stopped beating (Gassing Operations). As the war continued in 1944, around 7 and a half million Jews were forced to work. Most of these forced workers were just civilian Jews from ghettos. Forced laborers weren’t immediately killed but were worked to death by being fed little food and worked until dusk until dawn. (Forced
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