Killing Is Never Justified Research Paper

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I disagree with the statement “killing is never justified”. Killing another is never justified in some circumstances, but in other circumstances, killing can be justified. Killing cannot be justified if crime was intentional or was planned beforehand. This is murder because the event was planned and it one person was killed by another. For example, if someone plans to kill someone beforehand, then killing in that case will not be justified because that person did it knowingly. Killing cannot be justified if it harms innocent people. Also, killing cannot be justified if it is to kill an abusive parent or spouse. This is because killing them doesn’t make the killer a better person. In fact, killing them makes the killer just as bad as them.…show more content…
Jack Kevorkian of Michigan has been helping people, who are terminally ill, with suicide using medications. He believes that people need to have a chance to die with dignity and with the benefits medicine can provide. He has been arrested because of this. People who are against his ideas believe that no one has the right to end a life. I think that suicide with assistance should be given as an option to people. People should have the right to choose whether they want to live or die. If patients know they are going to die, then they can be with their family and friends and live life knowing that they will die soon. This practice also doesn’t cause as much fear. If the patient knows he or she is going to die within six months, then it will be easier to take in. If a patient doesn’t know when he or she is going to die, then it’s always going to be in the back of the patient’s mind, and this can cause fear. This practice of assisted suicide also helps end suffering. Normally, terminal illnesses and diseases can cause a lot of pain for the patient and for friends and family. The pain for patients allows the patient to know that death is going to come because as the pain increases, it is thought that death will follow soon after. Family and friends will also have to go through the pain of seeing a loved one suffer. If this practice was there then everyone can make arrangements ahead of time for the death and everyone will be ready for when it does
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