Killing Lincoln By Bill O Rreilly

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Brandon Smith
American History
Book Report #2
“Killing Lincoln”
Killing Lincoln is a very good easy to read historical book. I already knew some about when Lincoln was shot and how he died but this book put in so much more little details that any other thing I have gotten information from. I feel like Bill O'Rreilly did a very good job writing this book. I really like the way that it was wrote using the time and different days for the chapters. That helped give the book some detail and helped me understand what was going on in the book and when important scenes were easier to understand. The book takes place all over Washington and the eastern part of the United States This would have taken place up until April 26th 1865,
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Obviously some of these characters had more to do with the book than others did such as John Wilkes Booth and Andrew Johnson. Everybody knows the story of john wilkes booth, being an american actor and a very popular person.
There are several missions by several different people at the beginning of this book. Some of the obvious ones is the mission of the conspirators Or the mission of the Union Government and Abraham Lincoln. Obviously John Wilkes Booth’s mission was to Kidnap or assassinate lincoln. While Lincoln and the american government were trying to rebuild the union and our country. They were also trying to free the slaves. While the Conspirators were trying to tear apart the American Government.
There are many tough parts to the book but obviously the worst one would easily be when Abraham Lincoln was shot in the back of the head by John Wilkes Booth. It was one of the worst thing to ever happen in the American Government and it was the first president to be Assassinated. Obviously being president Lincoln could not make every person in the United states but he did what he thought was the best for our nation and our country. And most of the time he was right. The night President Lincoln was shot there was also another attack on secretary of state William H Seward he was the secretary of state at the time and stabbed him three times in the throat and twice in the
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