Killing Mr Griffen Character Analysis

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Title Killing Mr. Griffen Author Louis Duncan Publication Date april 1978 Vocab - Choose 15 words that you are not familiar with or that are challenging. Write the definition of the word. Word Definition 1 ithimself used as an object of the verb or proposition of male person or animal previously mentioned as the subject of the clause. 2 nonexistant not alive/ here 3 simplicification the making of something simple 4 misirable to be in deep pain 5 exclaimed cryed out suddenly, especily in suprise or sadness 6 coore to be in danger 7 conjecter an opinion or cunclusion formed on the basis of incomplete conclusion 8 untie undo or unfasten 9 disarming having an affect or alling suspition or hostility, especally through charm…show more content…
How does the main character change? The teenagers go to court and could go to jail. The main charicters change because at the begining they were reckless and the end they are vety scard and worried. Conflict - What is the major conflict that develops throughout the novel? Man v. Man, Man v. Society, Man v. Nature, etc. Describe some of the minor conflicts that develop throughout the novel. Man V.S. society because society does not like Mr. Griffen because he is a tough teacher. Therefor, Griffen is the man and society does not like him. Theme - What is the moral of the story or the lesson learned? The theme of the story Killing Mr. Griffen is just because some one is mean you dont have to do something bad back. I find this the theme because Mr. griffen is mean to all of his students so then his students gang up on him and kidnap him. Tone - What was the author’s attitude toward the subject in the novel? A little nervious because once they know Griffen is dead they get panniced and worried that they were going to go to jail. Figurative Language - Identify 10 (ten) uses of figurative language the author uses in the novel (identify the figurative laguage, quote it, and write the page number) Figurative Language Quote In-text citation - example (Weisel
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