Killing Mr Griffin Character Analysis

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People show and feel emotions in different ways, especially teenage boys. In the book Killing Mr.Griffin by Lois Duncan, David Ruggles is very good at showing different emotions. David is jovial and shows complacent and compassionate towards himself and others.

The first trait about David is that he is jovial. He is jovial because people like to be around him and he is also the president of the senior class. “ The wind wasn’t so bad after all, for it had blown this luck upon her, the unbelievable, undreamed-of event of herself, Susan McConnell, entering the halls of Del Norte High School side by side with the beautiful, popular David Ruggles, president of the senior class” (Duncan 4). The quote means that she can’t believe that she is by
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David shows compassion towards his friends and family. He also develops a stronger compassion for Sue towards the end of the book. “He took her hand it felt small and cold in his, and he squeezed it hard. There was no reason for a girl like Susan to be here frightened and remorseful, staggering around the mountains darkness” (Duncan 107). This quote shows that David shows compassion towards Sue because no guy would think or do stuff like that for just any girl and the fact that he did is him showing compassion towards Sue. David is a compassionate person who cares about people.

David's third trait is that he shows complacent towards himself. When David poisoned his grandma's jello so that he could go and do stuff with his friends. Grandma Ruggles said, “ I ate that jello and went right to sleep like Snow White did when the queen gave her a poison apple. You didn’t give me a poison jello, did you Davy?” (Duncan 131) The grandma thought that the jello tasted funny so she asked David if he poisoned it. David Ruggles is loving towards his grandma but his own needs came before hers in this case.

David shows compassion and is jovial, but sometimes his complacent trait gets the best of him. He is a nice and friendly person who a lot of people like. Also he really cares about the people he loves. Sometimes he puts his needs over others. Without David’s jovial personality and his way of being compassionate towards others David wouldn’t
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