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What is the significance Kilroy? Imagine walking into a long dark alleyway, in some city you have never traveled to before. Your heart races and you are engulfed in fear. The only thing illuminating the area is a lone bare bulb hanging high above your head. It is a dark, eerie space and trash litters the ground, the awful odor is inescapable. You hear people behind you and you are on high alert. The people speak in some sort of dialect that you don’]t understand, it peaks your curiosity as you wonder what they are saying. You wonder if they are talking about you, you wonder about their true intentions. You are scared. Unsure if you are ever going to make it back out alive. Graffiti lines the walls; random names and symbols that are foreign to you, but then one drawing…show more content…
Kilroy in since the war has always been spotted in pop culture. For example in September 1964 Paul Page released a song titled “Kilroy Was Here”. This was certainly not the last of Kilroy though, even in things such as children 's television shows, like the 1948 Looney Tunes short, Haredevil Hare. I personally noticed Kilroy in one episode of Futurama, Overclockwise, inside a jail cell. Upon further investigation I found Kilroy was in many other TV shows I watch, such as, Total Drama Island where Kilroy can be spotted in the outhouse confessional. In Adventure Time it is even seen on a passport as Finn’s signature. American Dad also pays tribute to the icon in the episode “Stan Time”. Dr.Who, Fringe, Popeye the Sailer and Seinfeld are among other honorable television mentions. Another example of Kilroy appearing in pop culture is on the Rolling Stone’s “Beggars Banquet” album cover as bathroom graffiti. Likewise in the music industry the band Styx released an album entitled “Kilroy was Here”, well known for the song “Mr. Roboto” where the lyrics “My true identity...I 'm Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy! Kilroy!?” concludes the
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