Kim Jong-Il: We Cannot Live Without You?

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The words, “Our future and hope depend on you. People’s fate depends on you, Comrade Kim Jong-Il! We cannot live without you. Our country cannot exist without you!” are sung by North Korean citizens everywhere ("No Motherland Without You."). Throughout Kim Jong-Il’s reign, this song was one of the many sources of propaganda used to brainwash their country’s citizens. Propaganda was just one of the many ways in which a country ruled under a dictatorship kept its undivided power, and sustained its citizens to be adaptable to whatever they wanted. Kim Jong-Il was one of the many powerful dictators who ruled in the late 1900’s, and had a great impact on both the country of North Korea, and the world as a whole. Kim Jong-Il was born on February 16, 1942 in Watsukoye, a Soviet Army camp close to Khabarovsk, Soviet Union ("Kim Jong-Il." Newsmakers). In contrast, this fact is not a widely adapted belief in the country of North Korea. Kim Jong-Il was born to his father, Kim Il Sung, and his mother, Kim Jon Suk. Preceding Kim Jong-Il’s birth, Kim Il Sung, the former leader of North Korea, was involved with war-like issues with Japan, and fled to the Soviet Union. Kim Jon Suk birthed Kim Jong-Il here, but the North Korean government/country believed otherwise. North Korea adopted the belief that Kim Jong-Il was born in North Korea, in a cabin located on Mount Paektu. Here the myth lay that there was flashes of lightening, rolls of thunder, and rainbows that welcomed Kim Jong-Il’s

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