Kim Jong-Il's Dictatorship Over North Korea

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George Orwell’s fictional society in 1984 resembles Kim Jong-Il’s dictatorship over North Korea because of the over controlling government, god like ruler, horrible living conditions, as well as promoting hatred propaganda towards the country’s enemy. In 1984, Orwell created “Big Brother” (1984) to serve as the totalitarian government. The purpose of “Big Brother” (1984) is to have control over any pieces of information, even altering the written history. The Ministry of Truth is the government building where necessary alterations of facts and historical events are fabricated. Kim used the same means to improve his country’s image. North Korea has a large army and border control to ensure no one can leave or enter the isolated country. According to the government of said country, the moment Kim Jong-Il was born “a bright star…show more content…
Within the ministry, it is where those who are unfortunate enough to enter suffer from torture, repression, and evidently death. It is where members of the ministry and the reclusive thought police work to destroy those who question and or oppose Big Brother. The Ministry of Love is much like the concentration camps in the outer parts of North Korea. If just one citizen decides to be brave and attempts to escape the harsh country or any other crime, “the government practices collective punishment, sending to forced labor camps not only the offender but also their parents, spouse, children, and even grandchildren” (“North Korea.”). The workers in these labor camps, much like those from the Ministry of Love, continuously torture and mistreat those who enter the camps. From all of the work thrown on top of the prisoners, they die as fast as flies. Both the Ministry of Love and the concentration camps in North Korea use fear to break the ones who wanted to act on their own free will and to reform back into the mindless zombies as their leaders wanted them to
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