Descriptive Essay On Kim Kardashian

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A swarm of photographers come jostling in out of nowhere, the blinding light of the cameras flashing force you to squint your already fatigued eyes, fans from left, right and centre try to squeeze and shove their way to the front and people anxiously await in apprehension whilst eagerly chatting amongst themselves. That is until all of a sudden, the renowned public figure emerges out of the sleek, jet black limousine and in the blink of an eye, everyone’s attention is glued to the star as he or she frolics out on the classic red carpet. The following day, the star will be flaunting on hundreds of thousands of magazine covers being featured on the Best and Worst Dressed lists. Once these magazines hit the stores, everyday people will recklessly snatch them up almost anywhere, be…show more content…
Her signature sexy style, which she embraced at a young age, has been both a tool and an obstacle in her work as a television personality. Kim Kardashian, is known more for her publicity stunts and antics than anything else; her name is synonymous with blonde bimbo, only she is not blonde. She very cleverly uses her assets to garner attention, and in the process, make her richer. A few years ago, an experiment was conducted where people were asked to describe Kardashian in one word, and might I say that the majority of responses which were received were adjectives such as ‘talentless,’ ‘fake,’ ‘self-absorbed’ and ‘spoilt.’ Some of you are probably thinking that Kim is a mature, shrewd and prudent young woman, who is willing to work long and tirelessly in order to achieve her goal. How naïve! Allow me to explain. Back in 2007, Kim’s former boyfriend (Ray J) leaked a sex tape of them together. Since then, her name has been used more than Google and her follower count on Twitter and Instagram has skyrocketed faster than OJ Simpson’s white
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