Kimmel Melting Pot Analysis

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Continually, people tend to follow a group of people instead of how one person views him or her. This is how whole society pressures men to show they are entitled to power so they are able to prove to their community that they are well-respected people even when they are not well-dressed. Although men are penalized for their actions in cultures, they are still compacted in a community. For intance, no matter where a man lives he is protected by his male peers and the community that shuns them for being different. Kimmel concludes, “Yet its one thing for the guys themselves to protect one another –as we’ve seen, there’s a tremendous amount at stake for them, and the pressure is high to conform-it’s another thing entirely when the community that…show more content…
To tell the truth, there are negative effects resulting from the assimilation of people. The ideal melting pot does not have firm legs to stand, nonetheless they are brittle than glass. People are ostracized because of the behaviors, beliefs, and appearance. Young men are in constant check to prove manhood or masculinity by remaining at the top and showing their entitlement to power. The pressure from society causes young men to follow certain rules and regulations in order to be part of society. Also, minorities are forced to cover their individuality and conform to societal norms so they are not outcasts. United States of America was meant to create an assimilation of cultures but it has failed because people are trying to be Americanized, which is being white. Moreover, society’s tendency toward conformity decreases the value of authenticity, as reflected by the consequences that occur when people change their true selves to comply with the norms. To sum it up, people feel the need to fit in to the mainstream, especially young men that want to express how they are entitled to power due to pressure from
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