Kimorah's Reflective Analysis

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Kimorah is a second-grade general education student who is struggling with reading fluency, pacing and some word recognition and punctuation. Upon having Kimorah assigned as my student, I learned that through prior assessments it is established that she is on a C reading level. Kimorah and I engaged in conversation and grew to know about each other on the first day of meeting. That same day, I had her read aloud, but was unable to completely grasp which tools were needed to successfully perform a miscue analysis. For the analysis, I chose two books for her since lower level books are short, a level C book and a level D book. I wanted to have enough data to enable me to use this miscue analysis to help Kimorah become the great reader, she wants…show more content…
In contrast to the 52% (Cat and Dog) and 71% (Know Your Birthday Manners) of semantically acceptable sentences she accumulated. When she gets to a word she can’t decode, she relies on the pictures and other strategies first, and lastly on phonics to decode them, her first instinct is to replace the word without considering its coherence. In the book “Cat and Dog”, she reads the words Never! Never! Never! (Line7), as Nicer, Nicer, Nicer, which is a replacement word (not to mention the overlooking of the exclamation point) that was nonsensical in the context of the story, she carried this miscue, every time she encountered the word never. While these two words, never and nicer, do have a degree of graphic similarity, they both begin with the same letter (n), Kimorah didn’t take the time to sound out or try to make sense of the word and sentence, which, showed the first signs that she might be struggling with semantics. These miscues take a major toll on meaning change of, not only the sentence, but of the story. Overall, according to this miscue analysis Kimorah, greatly struggled with semantics compared to syntax. She was only able to retain 52% of the story meaning which is troublesome. However, she was successful at retelling the
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