Kin Country Syndrome Case Study

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1. The definition of The kin-country syndrome is groups or states belonging in a war with groups or states from another civilization will naturally attempt to rally other groups or states from their own civilization behind their cause. According to Huntington, The kin-country syndrome will determine alliances and change relations. Huntington states that, “alliances during times of war or crisis will begin to focus more on a ‘kin’ relationship.” When there is a war between two states that involved two different civilizations, each of the civilization will begin to rally support among the other states with the same civilization as them. The war between states makes the nationalism of each civilization become stronger. This will lead to the replacement of political ideology and change the theory of balance of power when a state considered as a priority. The replacement of political ideology itself can be seen in the Middle East now.…show more content…
According to Huntington on his premises, religion can be a main factor why there is clash of civilization, especially if the religion is involved in the world politics. The issue that this syndrome brought is how far the “kin-country syndrome” could help to understand the Arab attitude towards Palestinian-Israeli conflict and peace process. The Arab nations have seemed to group together against the one state in the area that does not share the same civilization as they do which in this case is Israel. At the same time, the U.S. support Israel which many believe that the main reason the U.S. backs Israel is because they identify Israeli as from the same civilization as they are rather than the
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