Kincaid's Representation Of Old Men In Annie John

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However, through various characters and literary descriptions in the two literary works, there are various ways through which the old age and old people have been represented. To begin with, in the novel Annie John, using Annie’s father characteristics, Kincaid has represented few issues regarding old people. Annie’s father, according to the author, is approximately thirty years older than her mother. In consideration to Annie age, then Annie’s father qualifies to be categorised as an old person. Annie’s father sexual behaviours and characteristics align with Beauvoir’s argument that old men “…still retain virtues and the faults of the men they were and still are…old people show the same desires, the same feelings and the same requirements as the young…” (3).
According to the author, despite his age, he has had many sexual relationships with other women out there and fathered many children before remarrying Annie’s mother. This makes these women harass Annie’s mother occasionally along the streets because they think she is the one who barred them from getting married to her husband. These insults are
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Kincaid’s representation of old people through Annie’s father somehow reflects the reality in our society. For example, the fact that her father had fathered some children outside marriage is a common issue among men of his age. It happens that men, in the course of their lifetime have had a number of relationships which were not formalised. From those relationships, there are possibilities of having children with those women. However, concerning the active sexual life of the old men, there could be “mixed realities” since this issue varies from one community or individual to another and also the biological factors. There are old people who are sexually active throughout their life, but the societal expectations that such men should not engage in sexual activities, make them suffer silently. This worsens if the man is sexually active and his wife is divorced or

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