Kinder Bueno Advertisement Analysis

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"Kinder” appeared on the market in 1974. Chocolate eggs in a short time became very popular, both in Germany and abroad. The main slogan of the Kinder’s products id “More milk, less cacao”, is emphasizing on the benefits of the milk and harmful impact of the cacao on the children. The main colors of the Kinder’s products are white and red, red stimulating the desire, in this case, desire to eat, and white is a color of goodness and purity. So, stimulated by the red color parents are convinced that this product is good and will probably bring only benefits to their child.
In the name of the product itself (Kinder, from the German – children) it can be seen that this product is orientated on the age group from 3 to 12 years old. However, from Czech advertisement “Kinder Bueno” it can be noticed that the commercial addressed to the adult audience also, as it contains sexual subtext. In this commercial young attractive woman is eating chocolate, while the vampire is watching her. When a woman is biting the chocolate, a vampire came into her room through the window and ate the piece of chocolate from her lips. The main idea of the advertisement is that “Kinder Bueno” brings enjoyment as much as a kiss. To highlight the enjoyment the commercial was placed in the Venice, which directly makes the atmosphere romantic and designing. That is why advertisers compare chocolate Bueno with the kiss in Venice, full of enjoyment

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