Kindergarten Classroom Observation

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A kindergarten teacher and a classroom environment set the atmosphere for a child 's first impression of the school. If the classroom is warm and welcoming to the timidest children, it will be a success. Observing Mrs. Kenny’s classroom is a little different. There are twenty-four students in the classroom, however, based on the number of students she does not have enough space for students to sit and be comfortable. Most of the students squeeze in and punch each other out of their space, which creates a conflict between the students. Then, Mrs. Kenny has to give time out to the students and solve the conflict. According to my observation, a kindergarten classroom should be open and child-friendly without any obstacles that block the views of the children. The perfect kindergarten classroom should be a bright and playful, ready to accommodate the children while they move…show more content…
Kenny’s classrooms, during transition times is when things get a little chaotic, possibly resulting in behavior problems that frustrate in the moment and spill over into the floor. One example, the class works at their table on tracing sentence, “I have dragon….Dd” draw and coloring as the same time. The teacher announced it was cleanup time and that next we would gather on the rug. I just simply watched and notice many things. Elvis and Rowan immediately dropped what they were doing and started cleaning up. Elvis finished first because he didn’t do any cleanup at all just ran to the rug. Few children’s were still tracing their letters, others were coloring. In the end, they just moved to the rug without finishing their work. However, I notice some positive things too. Most children knew how to do many transition tasks, such as putting away materials and moving safely around the classroom. Most of the children clearly needed to help to develop this skill. Mrs. Kenny needed to model and then give the children opportunities to practice pacing, just as I would when teaching any new
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