Kindness In Stargirl

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The author’s message about kindness vs. bullying, been kindness to other people, they would respect you back. But, bullying to others does not work out with others because you don’t respect others and they would not respect you back. The thematic idea of kindness vs. bullying is shown in the novel Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli when Leo, Stargirl, and others show us the importance of been kindness and bullying through Stargirl’s act of kindness and Leo and others been rude behind Stargirl’s back.

Stargirl’s act of kindness impacted Leo and the whole school proves the theme with kindness vs. bullying because she wanted to be an outsider. In the beginning of the book, Leo received a suspicious gift with no name tag, Leo claimed that, “I asked my parents. I asked my friends. I called my Uncle Pete, everyone denied knowing anything about it” (Spinelli 2). This quote proves Stargirl’s act of kindness by secretly giving gift to Leo. Because somehow she
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When Leo and Stargirl had a serious conversation about their relationship, Leo scared Stargirl by saying, “Because nobody like you, I said. That’s why. Nobody likes you” (Spinelli 138). This quote proved that Leo terrorized Stargirl by saying very strong negative words like “Nobody likes you.” He impacted her. He’s bullying Stargirl, so she can change and Leo would be an outsider again. Two days later, she vanished because of this. At the Ocotillo Ball, Hillari Kimble spotted Stargirl and called her, “Stardust” (Spinelli 175). Then, Hillari Kimble walked toward to Stargirl and slapped her, “You ruin everything” (Spinelli 175). This quote restated that Hillari Kimble bullied Stargirl in front of the crowd. Stargirl felt stunned and left without making chaotic. After the ball, Stargirl was nowhere to be found at high school. What she did was she respected Hillari Kimble, she did not go back to her. She left without confronting
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