Kindness In The Short Story 'The Quiltmaker's Gift'

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Kindness Is A Cure Kindness is defined as the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate. Now that may sound sappy and cheesy but think about it being kind is not always the easiest thing, it takes a lot of effort. Also can’t it be said that kindness is a cure. Of course it won’t cure cancer or HIV/AIDS or the common cold, but it can cure the heart. Kindness can cure the heart of the blues and it’s not a hard process to go through either. One simple act of kindness can chip away a piece of darkness in someone heart resulting in them becoming a slightly better person. Kindness is also an infectious cure that spreads. Here are three reasons why kindness is most definitely the strongest medicine in the world.
The short film Butterfly
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In the story a Quiltmaker makes the most beautiful quilts in the world, but she does not sell them to people for any amount of money. Instead she gives them away to the poor who are in need of them. Meanwhile the king of the land lives lavishly and has everything he has ever wanted, although he is not satisfied with his possessions he believes that a quilt from the Quiltmaker will make him happy. However upon asking the Quiltmaker to give him a quilt she refuses. The infuriated king then makes the Quiltmaker go through three punishments all of which do not phase the Quiltmaker. She eventually tells the king “Give away all of the things you own and I’ll sew a quilt for you. And with each gift that you give, I’ll add another piece to your quilt.” (4) The king reluctantly agrees and starts to give away his belongings. After he gives away his first few gifts he starts to feel like a brand new person. With his kindness of giving to others he makes others happy who inturn make him happy. This cycle is a joyous one and instead of just giving out things in his city he goes on a journey spreading kindness. Eventually when the king returns the quiltmaker gives him her most beautiful quilt yet and the king is at last happy. In the story it is never said, but is a clear undertone that kindness can spark a chain reaction that will make others do kindness…show more content…
The story begins at eleven o’clock at night on the streets of Harlem during the 1920’s. Roger, a kid of about fourteen years has made an attempt to rob Ms. Luella Bates Washington Jones. When he tries to snatch her purse he is taken down by the weight of it and then picked back up by her huge muscular arms and then only at that time does she scold him. Then, she asks him if he has eaten, he replies no. She then proceeds to take him to her rooming house where she tells him to wash his face. “I believe you’re hungry—or been hungry—to try to snatch my pocketbook.” (2) Roger explains that he was just trying to get money for some blue suede shoes when she then tells him all he needed to do was ask for the money. During dinner Ms. Jones offers more ten cent cake to him which he willingly takes and is surprised by her kindness and openness to him. When it was time to leave Ms. Luella Bates Washington Jones said “Now, here, take this ten dollars and buy yourself some blue suede shoes.” (3) Roger wanted to say something to the kind woman but couldn’t, it was a moment when someone was truly speechless. It can be inferred that Roger never went snatching anybodies purse ever again, but it could also be said that Roger worked hard and tried his best to be kind to everyone thanks to the kindness of Ms. Luella Bates Washington
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