Kinesiology Case Study

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Part I: In 250 words or less, express your motivations for choosing Kinesiology as a major and how it relates to your future goals. I have wanted to pursue a career in the medical field since I was a child. In high school, this passion was put to the test after I suffered a bilateral hip injury that made mundane tasks like going up stairs, getting dressed, or even standing a painful and taxing ordeal. I was advised to quit all physical activity by my team of doctors, but as a three sport athlete for me that was not an option. I was extremely discouraged until I met my physical therapist. He showed me that there was hope of recovery and taught me how to recognize and appreciate progress, no matter how seemingly insignificant. After just six…show more content…
My personal characteristics, experiences, and professional and personal goals both align with those promoted by the National Academy of Kinesiology and will greatly contribute to my success in the field of kinesiology and ultimately, as a physical therapist. Some of my most prominent characteristics include my compassion, empathy, and caring nature. My desire to relate and build relationships will aid me when interacting with patients and provide a comfortable environment to perform my duties in the field of Kinesiology. Many of these traits originate from my personal experience as a patient. After a serious injury I was advised to cease all physical activity, and I was desperate to find anything with the possibility of getting me back to doing what I loved again. I understand the power of hope and possibility that is abundant in the field of Kinesiology and the effects that this can have on treatment. I am forever grateful for the potential and purpose Kinesiology returned to my life and will work to reciprocate that sense of optimism in all patients I encounter using my own understanding of Kinesiology and the innate potential for hope it…show more content…
Every class, injury, and experience has been in pursuit of my goal to help others live their healthiest lives. My personal characteristics, goals, and experiences will greatly contribute to my performance in the field of Kinesiology and will help me journey towards success and fulfillment in my chosen field of physical therapy. Biographical Questionnaire Name: Eleanor Jansen Student ID: 9071484258 Date: 1/28/18 Birthplace (city/state): Appleton, WI Pre-college education. List all schools attended, elementary through high school. Format » School Name, City/State, and Dates of Attendance • H. B. Tanner Elementary School, Kaukauna WI, 09/02-06/06 • Electa Quinney Elementary School, Kaukauna WI, 09/06-06/08 • Riverview Middle School, Kaukauna WI, 09/08-06/09 • Mapleview Intermediate School, Kimberly WI, 09/09-06/10 • J.R. Gerritts Middle School, Kimberly WI, 09/10-06/12 • Kimberly High School, Kimberly WI, 09/12-6/16 University/College Education (List all schools attended): Format » School Name, City/State, and Dates of
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