Kinesthetic Learning Style Analysis

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There are many ways to learn but the three main ways are auditory learning, visual learning, and kinesthetic learning. I conducted an interview with two college students, one majoring in English, and the other majoring in nutrition on their views concerning learning styles. Both interviews we’re conducted on April 21, 2016. One was face to face, and the other was done through text. It was easier to conduct the interview through text rather than face to face. Xavier: How widely used are learning styles? J’dharra: Auditory usually is used the most. Some teachers will use all the styles, but the majority use auditory. Qhianna: In my classes, auditory learning is used the most as we listen to lectures. Teachers that incorporate PowerPoint…show more content…
It is receiving information through someone saying it aloud. Visual learning is learning primarily through visual means and responding to it in some way. It is receiving and remembering information through a visual means, such as written words, pictures, videos, watching someone perform the action etcetera. Kinesthetic learning is learning based on movement, such a performing an action. It is information received and remembered by performing an action. These learning styles are not separate individual entities, but are rather ways of learning that necessarily must overlap. The best way to receive and present information is through a mix of all three ways of learning. Xavier: What is the major weakness of a learning style test? J’dharra: Visual is a major weakness of a learning style test. Qhianna: It is usually a visual test. Also, it fails to account for the complexity of human beings. We are not just one single style of learning but do best with a mixture of all three. Mixing engages the mind in all ways, allowing the way the material is presented to continually be a novelty. Learning style tests cause people to focus on a single style of learning, thus inhibiting the ability to learn from other means. Xavier: Could you briefly describe how people

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