Kinesthetic Learning Style Study

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Learning Style Teayana Robinson Trudent University VARK Results Your scores were: · Visual 6 · Aural 3 · Read/Write 6 · Kinesthetic 10 You have a mild kinesthetic learning preference. Use the following pages for study strategies that apply to your learning preference: Kinesthetic Strategies Kinesthetic Learner Being a kinesthetic learner is not surprising to me as non-fictional characters as a child, the stories they portrayed, and lands they lived in never enthused me. The “based on real events” pre-movie text always intrigued my interest when it was displayed because I knew that this was real life, and something I could relate to. The ability to related, touch, feel, and grasp an actual concept of what is going on seems to give my brain the stimulation it needs to comprehend what is what in a situation.…show more content…
The most important thing is to know what learning theory or theories your brain reacts to better. In my case I am very adapted to constructivism and Piaget theory. Constructivism for me is learning by personal experience and developing my own mental modes of the current event. Whatever is being taught I would literally have to set bases for myself within the lesson plan and develop real life events in my mind and thoughts in which will better my understanding of the teachers angle. In constructivism there are several key factors but the one I focus most on is curriculum. Curriculum in this category focuses on the student and their learning techniques by tapping into prior knowledge of the subject and hands on problem
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