Kinetic Friction Lab Report

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The Effect of Friction using Different Materials

Many products we use are made or grown in other countries and sent here by plane, boat or truck. Some companies that make televisions, for example, put them in wood crates that are stored in the cargo rooms of freight ships. When ocean waves cause the ship to tilt from side to side, the crates can slide across the cargo room floor and damage the televisions packed inside. Increasing the friction in the cargo room may solve the problem.
Friction is a force between objects that opposes the relative motion of the objects. In this project, you will be studying kinetic friction (also called sliding friction). When two objects are moving relative to one another, kinetic friction converts some of the kinetic energy of that motion into heat.
Hypothesis: If the material used for shipping is made of rubber then, there will be an increase of friction because, the roughness of rubber allows it to stick better on the floor.

Variables: Paragraph form
IV: Material used
DV: Amount of Friction
Constants (controlled variables): size of room, freight ship, body of water, type/size of box
Materials (bulleted list):
30 washers (15g)
6 cups in equal size
6 pieces of strings in a equal size
6 blocks equal in size
6 markers
6 paper clips
Procedure (step by step
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The surface that had the least amount of friction was the wood placemat. With the shipping materials the most amount of friction created was with the sandpaper and, the shipping material that created the least amount of friction was the foam. I would recommend using the clear, plastic mat for the flooring inside the cargo ship because, it prevented 450g of washers from making the boc slide or fall. The cup was able to hold all washers that were given and could’ve held more than what we had.

Conclusion/discussion: Paragraph

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