King Andrew Jackson Character Analysis

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Andrew Jackson did a lot in his years of presidency. He had many supporters, but others felt that he was unfit to rule the country for a multitude of reasons. The political cartoon “King Andrew” demonstrates that Jackson thought very highly of himself due to his king attire, drawn on him to mock his ego. He is pictured with a staff and costly, regal robes to portray the image of himself. It represents that he focuses a lot of energy on himself. The artist might believe that he concentrates on himself more than America. In the beginning of his presidency, he listened to people’s opinions, but ignored them. He continued to do what he felt, and made some believe he had dictator-like qualities. Along with the robes, the image shows Jackson stepping on a ripped Constitution, hauntingly suggesting that the author does not think his laws are constitutional. His formal slippers walk all over America’s laws and rules to abide after they’ve been ripped, presumably by him. It might represent the time where Jackson raised tariffs taxes, favoring northerners to southerners, as it made it harder for them to sell their crops. It lead to South Carolina threatening to secede from America if Congress didn’t repeal the law. Jackson fired back by employing the military to use force against South Carolinians, and it was named…show more content…
The eagle happens to be a symbol of America, and it could represent the fact that Native Americans were forced out of their land and brutally slaughtered, perhaps Jackson’s cruelest feat of all. Native Americans lived peacefully until Jackson’s presidency. Then, he forced them to leave. Some protested and tried to stick their ground, but Jackson herded the Cherokee out of their homes in Georgia and led the, across what was named the Trail of Tears. Four thousand innocent Native Americans died, and as the eagle is their symbol, the eagle could represent Native Americans being
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