King Arthur Compare And Contrast Merlin And Lancelot

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When we are forgotten, we cease to exist. Throughout the centuries the legends of King Arthur are told both as fable and non-fiction. Though every story has the same concept, each story differs in some way. Most characters reappear in each legend, but may have a different role in the story. Characters such as Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot, and Arthur's knights show up in every story. In Merlin, Merlin is a powerful wizard that takes Arthur to raise until he can take the throne. On the other hand, in the movie King Arthur shows a more classic side of the story where there is no magic and Arthur was raised by his parents. Between the two movies there are many similarities and differences. The characters such as King Arthur, Merlin, and Lancelot each…show more content…
To begin with, there is much to compare and contrast about the character of King Arthur. In both movies Arthur holds the same moral mindset. His knights and he all sit at a round table because Arthur believes that no man is greater than the other. Also, in both movies Arthur has a sword named Excalibur, but he receives the sword in different ways. In Merlin, he gets Excalibur for being a good man and he pulls it out of the stone. In King Arthur he pulls the sword from the grave of his father in an effort to save his mother from an attack by the Woads. Also, in both movies Arthur has the same parents, Uther and Lady Igraine. However, he has different roles with his parents. In Merlin, when Arthur is born, he is given to Merlin to be raised as a good man. In King Arthur, his parents died when he is young. In
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