King Arthur Hero's Cycle Essay

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Is This Warrior up to the test? Have you seen mysteries or heard mysteries about this legendary king or read books about him? Well in the book King Arthur and his knights at the round table by Roger Lancelyn Green, this is about a boy who pulls a sword out of a stone and becomes a fantastic king and hero’s cycle and why he is a hero and a little bit about himself. The reason of how King Arthur fits as a hero is because he wanted justice for Greyflet being hurt badly by king Pellinore, he defeats the saxons in plenty of battles, and defeats Mordred the evil in his final battle. King arthur reflects the hero’s cycle because his call to adventure was when he had pulled the excalibur from the stone in the church yard. Arthur was just an ordinary boy, not a knight, so, when his brother( or false brother) sent him to go get his sword, Arthur couldn’t find it so when he went to the church yard he pulled the sword out of the stone and became king…show more content…
Mordred is a very despicable guy to trust, so when King Arthur leaves him in charge, his plots were getting crazier and crazier. Then he tried to take queen Guinevere with him and marry her, but luckily, she broke from him. Then tried coming into The tower of London and tried to get her out, but was to hard. On p.368, it says," After the battle of Dover, Mordred had fled away in defeat. Then on p. 373, King Arthur kills sir Mordred for all the pain and trouble he has caused for this by stabbing him with a spear, but before Mordred died, he stabbed King Arthur on his head so hard that it went through his helmet. This proves that Sir Mordred was a traitor to his own kingdom and more importantly, a traitor to his king. But on the other hand, King Arthur did the right this to end Sir Mordred 's life since he was full of hatred and only wanted to marry Queen Guinevere and bring pain to the
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