King Arthur In The Once And Future King Analysis

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In the Once and Future King written by TH. White, White manifests the work’s whole in a single moment by giving Arthur several epiphanies throughout his life. He shows how Arthur develops gradually in a realistically complex way and having him face challenging situations, but also manifests the fact he still has flaws even as a simple person. Arthur’s epiphany ultimately developed him into a morally correct and pacifistic person. He successfully revamped Medieval England when he established his order, The Knights of The Round Table, to enforce his ideals based on chivalry and fairness; “ [...] Why can't you harness Might so that it works for Right?” page 247. He understands his ideals cannot be enforced without sacrifices and knew there…show more content…
Arthur was molded by Merlyn’s philosophies because he experienced them all personally growing up, thus he tries his best to follow them. However, he sometimes fails to follow his own dogma; an example would be him knowing Lancelot and Guenever having an affair behind his back, but he tries to ignore it because of his excessive trust in his friends. Before Arthur’s battle with Mordred, he has already developed into complex figure; “Perhaps man was neither good nor bad, was only a machine in an insensate universe” page 630. During his contemplation, he had several epiphanies about human nature. This caused him to question his own philosophies and why humans act the way they do, thus he no was longer simple. These events created an introspective meaning for the work as a whole by manifesting human nature. T.H White uses Arthur as an example by having the readers analyze how he reacts to the people who revolve around his life to convey his opinion. Arthur was just like any other person, as time passed he became more wise due to experiences looking back at his mistakes and avoids repeating
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