King Arthur Informative Essay

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King Arthur was a very powerful and intelligent king. From childhood, he learned many virtues and lessons, but he didn’t know that the lessons he was learning had to do with becoming a great leader. Ben Carson is very similar to king Arthur in many ways. Ben learned several things from childhood as well as from reading literature of the world around him which made him a great man later on in life. I will be talking about Ben Carson and why he is a great reincarnation of King Arthur. Maybe put “This essay is dedicated to showing how Ben Carson could be King Arthur reincarnated” One of the reasons I believe that Ben Carson is a great reincarnation of King Arthur is because their childhoods are similar. (Try to avoid I statements, an example of something you could change it to is: “One of the many reasons Ben Carson could be a..., and avoid the I) Arthur’s childhood wasn’t necessarily fun, but he learned many skills such as kindness, patience, and working hard all related to becoming a leader, even when he didn’t know the lessons were associated to becoming a king. Ben’s childhood is very similar to King Arthur's. Ben grew up in a very poor home and was raised by his mom in Detroit. Ben’s grades were terrible and his temper wasn’t the best either. However, his mom…show more content…
Both Ben and King Arthur had great responsibilities, similar callings on their lives, and a comparable set of values. Arthur was great in battle and was very intelligent when it came to combat which resulted in many successful victories. This was a huge accomplishment to King Arthur and this shows that he is very noble and that he does not back down. Ben is very intelligent and didn’t like to give up on his dreams. Ben applied for The University of Michigan School of Medicine and worked many jobs before he was finally accepted, but this shows that he doesn’t back down from his
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