King Arthur Legend: Walt Disney's Sword In The Stone

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Myths and legends carry on for many generations, particularly the King Arthur legend. This has proven to continue its significance due to its ever-changing aspects. It is one of the most popular legends today for the reason that can be altered and seen from many different perspectives. This aspect allows the story to be told in different ways. Its versatile characteristics are what allows it to stay significant throughout generations. The fact that the King Arthur legend can reach a varied audience is the main reason it has stayed popular throughout time. Not only can the legend be told through different character perspectives, but it can be aimed at an adult audience or child audience. The King Arthur story is one story that can be many stories.…show more content…
Then we look at Walt Disney's "Sword in the Stone", which is clearly meant to appeal to children. Although they all are based on the legend, they all contain different ideas about the myth. One aspect they all share is having a never-ending story, though they may end there is so much that makes up the legend of King Arthur that each story or film can go on further. While also entertaining us with fantasy, love, tragedy, action and many more. Some aspect of each work can be admired by everyone. Whites, Once a Future King contains a multitude of characteristics. The beginning is the story of "The Sword in the Stone", here we meet many of the characters. We learn about Arthurs background and his growth as he begins magical adventures with Merlyn. The story progresses through the timeline of Arthurs life. White tells of his childhood, gaining heir to the throne, formation of the roundtable, his adult life, and death. It is also interesting that as Arthur and the characters grow within the novel, the intended audience matures as well. While much of the story is centered around Arthur it does shift focus to the forbidden love between Sir Lancelot and Queen Guinevere. The timeline for each section of the story allows for…show more content…
Malory's work also allows for readers to make connections with different characters as many of them contain their own stories within this one story. Time is also relevant in Malory's work as read from the beginning of Arthurs life to the end. Although both novels follow the timeline of Arthurs life, they do so in different ways. This shows that the legend is multifaceted, in that it can be told in different ways. One main characteristic differences are the action and war scenes that Malory writes opposed to White's version. The action scenes, the more serious tone and the feeling of realism in Malory's writing is what sets it apart from Once a Future King. No matter the differences Malory still created a novel that gives way to endless interpretations. He writes in detail about many of the characters allowing for future stories to be formed based on the events and characters throughout the story. This aspect of Malory's writing is what gives his King Arthur and His Knights the feeling that the story is still not yet completed. The creation of sub-stories by White and Malory's works can be seen in the films that have followed the novels. Over the years many films have been created featuring details about the King Arthur legend. Two examples of films falling into this category are Fuqua's "King Arthur" and Walt Disney's "Sword

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