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This heroic journey, probably lost in ages to pass; tells the true origin of King Arthur’s father, a story that is no doubt going to be subjected to the fabrication and the falsehoods by future writers desiring fame and historical significance. These are the real events leading to King Uther Pendragon’s birth, the father of King Arthur, predating all other future recollections, retold by me, Matt Tanzman, a noble and possibly one of the greatest historians and scholars ever in, or likely ever to be in King Arthur’s court. My writing regarding the father of King Arthur’s origin had been made in secret, written in the Latin language to assure secrecy, and hidden away until its’ future potential rediscovery. King Arthur didn’t want this information …show more content…

The Half Century War was fought between two major houses: House Benedict, highborn through the blood of ancient forgotten roman rulers who lay claim to a vast amount of territory acquired south of Hadrian’s Wall. Their sworn enemy, House Aristilcus, migrated to North of the Wall to Edinburgh Castle a century prior to the following events; a three-day travel beyond House Benedict’s castle. The two families were revered and uncontested by all the highborn and nobles in the surrounding territory, no one had dared to attack either House’s infamous unmatched armies. While House Benedict had a tradition of naming children after long dead well-known romans, Aristilcus House’s tradition was to name their children after revered Greek figures to honor their ancestors. The distance needed to travel to get from Alnwick Castle, the Benedict’s estate, and Edinburgh Castle, owned by House Aristilcus was nearly one hundred miles, nonetheless, this territorial distance did nothing to stop the war to …show more content…

In his unsurpassed grief and loss of his sanity, he captured Lindisfarne, just south of the wall, land that he had agreed to avoid. While this act was viewed a possible threat, it was no legitimate cause for a war, however, in his grief Alexander had confused Gwen the Beautiful of Lindisfarne, who had been promised to be Julius’ bride, for what he believed to be a reincarnation of his previous wife, Gerdur the Lovely, in his insane state of

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