King Arthur Vs Excalibur

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The Black Knight shows the adventure of a young man named Jamal. Jamal is currently working at an amusement park called Medieval World where he is magically transported into a medieval time. Jarmal would then relive history trying to stay alive is this medieval time period. Jamal thinks that all of the people are actors until he witnesses a beheading. While Jamal cleans the moat he finds a necklace. When he tries to grab it, it sucks him down and he awakens in the year of 1328. The legend about King Arthur and his Camelot have not been confirmed to be real. There has been a large castle that does represent a rich and powerful king. The legend of King Arthur will live on for years to come. In King Arthur’s castle there is the legendary round…show more content…
It was traditional for knights to follow the Knights Code of Chivalry. This was the rule book that all knights would follow no matter what. A knight is loyal to his kingdom and will give his life for his kingdom. This was shown several times in “Excalibur” and in “Black Knight” when more than one knight would give his life to protect the king. The movie was written by Darryl Quarles. He is “one of the most successful screenwriters in the history of Hollywood”. (Quarles) He sold his first screenplay in two days. He is now one of the most bought Hollywood Screenwriters ever. He sold over twenty-five movies to major studios. The star of the movie is Martin Lawrence. He was born on April 16, 1965. He was born in Frankfurt Germany. As a teen he pursued the love of boxing. Shortly after he moved to California where he earned a guest spot on the television show What’s Happening Now. This was the beginning of his career. In 2001, the attacks on the Twin Towers took place. Another event that happened in 2001 was when Justin Gatlin broke Usain Bolt’s record for the 100 meter dash. The “Black Knight movie very different ways from the King Arthur legend. “Black Knight” was more comedy than it was to be taken more serious about the legend of King Arthur. Even Though both of the movies are in the same time period, they are different by their setting and characters. The main character in “Black Knight” was appointed to head of security, while Arthur is king of
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