King Charles Rivalry As The Main Cause Of The Civil War

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In my opinion the civil war that took place in 1642 was caused by many different things. One major aspect of this war was King Charles I and the MPs in parliaments rivalry. Firstly Charles marries a catholic,Charles was a protestant and at that time there was a lot of rivalry between the Catholics and the Protestants. This must have had an influence on some of the MPs in parliament as most of them were Protestants.Due to this the MPs must have started doubting Charles authority as ruler from the beginning. One of Charles significant mistakes was sending parliament home.still during the near start of King Charles I rule over England he made the mistake of sending parliament home. If the king ever required money he had to go to the parliament…show more content…
Power was not any the less better than the both of them. Charles overused his power in all the ways possible. From never taking advice from his parliament members to sending 300 soldiers to go and try to kill his biggest critics.Charles used power as a way forcing of getting money and Also as a way of changing things to do with Religions. Charles used power to force people into doing things, even if they are not comfortable withy he ideas.i personally think Charles let power get to his head , which made him think he could do anything he wanted any time he felt it without the saying of others. Which was one very important thing a king needed to account. There were many triggers to the civil war. The MPs where clearly sick and tired of Charles I behaviour and approach towards them.but not only did this civil war trigger from the hand of Charles I the parliament did do a few actions that they also knew would annoy the King. Like when the parliament demanded the nineteen propositions towards Charles , as they knew Charles would not like the sound of keeping them, but then again he had no choice. To conclude everything I personally blame Charles I for the outbreak of the civil war. As I do believe he thought more of himself than others
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