King Creon In Sophocles Antigone

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Some people who have read this story will say that it is “bold” or “too sad” but it is a story of reality. Antigone is a story of reality because it shows how bad choices cause immediate problems. The plot and the theme of the story is very strong, but that requires a strong character. There are 2 major characters in this story and 5 minor characters. A major tragic hero of Antigone is King Creon. Some people may think that Antigone is the tragic hero. However, Creon is a character that makes the audience feel pity for him (“Aristotle”). In the play Creon is the reason for 3 people’s death. Two of them he is related to, one being his wife, another being his son, and the third is Antigone who is engaged to his son. King Creon is a very proud man and does not always like to consider anybodies thoughts or feelings in his decisions. However in the end of the story, Creon admits that it is his fault for their deaths. As well as accepting the punishments that come along with it (Sophocles 109-138). Many people would not…show more content…
Creon said in line 121 that he should be punished indeed, and that he is deserving of what he gets. The story has shown him be the opposite of this before, and not willing to accept what has happened. For example, when he did not let go to Polyneices and made the messenger search for who it was that has done such a “horrible thing” and “gone against his word” while what Antigone has done, was truly the right thing to do. This has shown has Creon has gone from being not very admirable to being very admirable in the end of the story. Creon is a tragic hero in the Antigone because of many reasons. He brings the audience to pity for his mistakes, he also has turned more admirable throughout the play, and finally has taken responsibility for what he had done (“Aristotle”). This shows that Creon is a tragic
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