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Once upon a time, in the ancient Greek city of Athens, there was an inventor named Daedalus. He was an illustrious man, and he created many great works during his residency there. He invented many things. He gave statues poses more natural. He even invented the saw itself. But nobody knew of the last one. For Daedalus had, as an apprentice, his nephew Talus. It was he who was accredited with this great invention. Talus was beginning to show signs of being a craftsman surpassing his uncle’s great skill. And this did not settle well with the seasoned inventor. So one day, Daedalus took his nephew to visit the great Acropolis of Athens, to teach him some lessons from the citadel 's architecture. He led Talus to the edge of the outcropping where…show more content…
Icarus’ father had been called to the King’s room for a “special assignment” earlier that day, and he had decided to bring his son with him. “There is a… problem I need you to solve for me. Namely, the Minotaur” The Minotaur was the result of a curse put on Minos, making his wife, Pasiphae, fall in love with a bull. The Queen had approached Daedalus, asking for a way to approach the bull. In response, the inventor had created for her a costume that would let her move and act like a cow. The result of this strange union was the birth of the Minotaur, a creature with a man’s body and a bull’s head. And one who doned solely on human flesh. “This creature is a disgrace to my family,” the king continued. “So I need to be rid of the problem. Unfortunately, my dearest Pasiphae refuses to let me kill the beast, as it is still her child. That is why I called upon you,” he said, nodding in Daedalus’ direction. “No average dungeon cell can hold this beast captive. I need a way to imprison it, such that it can never escape. And so it can never be found” Icarus, looking up, could already see the gears turning in his father’s head. “Can you do this for me?” Minos inquired with a raised…show more content…
Only one innocent statement by Icarus: “What if we just put him in a giant maze? A really complicated one, so he can’t find his way out.” Icarus had been making many of these hypothetical statements lately, so his father didn’t immediately respond. But suddenly, looking up, he stared directly at the boy. “What was that you said, son?” he said, intrigued. “A maze” Icarus replied, a bit put down at his father 's lack of attention. “A maze” his father repeated, staring into the distance. “That’s an idea. Yes,” he began, apparantly to himself. “And if we… and then there’s… yes…” he ended off muttering to himself and scribbling down some things in his notebook. All of a sudden, he shot up and turned to Icarus. “You’re a genious, my boy!” he shouted, startling Icarus. “That’ll work! Ha ha, we’ve finally got it!” he said, merry as could be. Daedalus spent the rest of the day and night creating models and sketching in his notebook, muttering to himself occasionally and rarely making some loud exclamation. The next day, Icarus

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